• what is BATHMATE?

    explanation of BATHMATE PUMP products

    bathmate penis enlarger is a pumping tool to help men who are less satisfied with the size of their penis. Sometimes a household harmony is less comfortable just because a husband has a penis size that is less than normal size, here we create a penis pump product involving water to help the pumping process and certainly helps to optimize its work so that your penis will be bigger and erection stronger than before, this will last for 1-2 hours, but for routine use it will get permanent results


    how the BATHMATE PUMP works


    Bathmate Hydropump creates a vacuum in the plastic tube. The vacuum forces your penis to enlarge to fill the inside of the tube, which forces blood into your penis, stretches and inflames your penis. At first, you are only bigger because you are "pumped" (after pumping), but eventually, you can achieve long-term penis growth. That's why long-term use or routine can produce optimal results.

    bathmate is made for use in water, can also be applied when bathing, it is recommended to use warm water for maximum effectiveness. this is the only pump that provides permanent and safe results without adverse side effects or adverse effects on penis health. the benefits of pumping using this water in addition to rapid penis enlargement also to wet the penis during the pumping process so as not to dry.


    step using BATHMATE !!

    1. Place your finger over the vent (end) to prevent water from flowing out
    2. Place the pump underwater or under running water to fill. Use warm water, this will make it more comfortable and more effective for optimal results.
    3. Slowly push the device around your penis and pump several times, until it is completely attached to the base of your penis. Pump water several times at intervals of 5-10 seconds and wait for your penis to adjust to the vacuum bathmate
    4. The pump will lose a little empty space, (like loosening) enough to pump every 5 minutes. to regain a strong vacuum.
    5. If you pump too much, it will be too strong at the pressure of your penis, don't panic, just press the vent to one side and release some pressure. This will loosen up again.
    6. After 15-20 minutes, release the pressure and remove the penis pump. For first time users, you will be surprised by the results!
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